A monthly newsletter for Canadians growing a dividend income for retirement.

We hope that by providing a look into our investments, you will build an income-generating portfolio of your own.

Our ultimate goal is to one day earn over $100,000 annually from our investments. For 2023, we hope to earn $45,000 from dividends and approx. $18,000 from rental income.

You may have seen us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook in the past, but we have switched our attention to writing this newsletter for readers who are genuinely interested in following our journey.

Now that we are both retired (in our 50s), the real test begins.

How much will our income grow from here? What will our taxes be like now and in the future? What is our drawdown strategy for our investment accounts (RRSP, TFSA, Non-Registered)? How much retirement income do we really need?

As our focus switches to life in retirement, we will continue providing monthly updates on our dividend income, portfolio returns, our buys and sells, our watchlist, our stock analysis, and how much (if any) of our dividend income is spent.

We have never accepted the notion that our income would be less in retirement than when we were working full-time, and you shouldn’t either.

Why not earn more?

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